Meet the Bama Bully Rescue
Board of Directors

Members of the BBR Board are volunteers. Most work full-time jobs, and have family commitments, but find time to devote to their favorite pastime - rescuing dogs. The requirements to be on the board are that you love bully breeds, are willing to eat and breathe rescue, love to fuss, fight, argue and make up again with crazy dog people, and believe that there is no better way to spend a day than in the company of dogs and the people who love them. 

BOD Melanie.jpg

Melanie Hughes

BOD Aubree.JPG

Aubree Canady
Social Media Coordinator

BOD Polly.jpg

polly o’connor

Ashton Terrell.jpg

Ashton Terrell
Volunteer Coordinator

BOD Jennifer.JPG

jennifer mitchell

Melissa Thomas.jpeg

Melissa Thomas
foster coordinator

BOD Tarrie.jpg

Tarrie love

BOD Laura.jpg

Laura Tidwell
adoption Coordinator