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Andi Neighbors, Adoption Coordinator

Andi Neighbors - Adoption Coordinator
Bama Bully Rescue

I was introduced to bully breeds when I bought a Pit Bull / American Bulldog mix. I named her Turtle, and she changed my life. I have never loved a dog like I loved her. I had no idea about the breed, so I reached out to Bama Bully Rescue, and they were very helpful. Once I learned about BBR, and learned that shelters were full of bully breeds, like Turtle, I was hooked. Over the past nine years, I have had 17 fosters. I foster failed with Lou after he was adopted and returned to the rescue. He was just letting me know that he was meant to be with us. I love the joy we bring to families by helping them find their perfect four legged family member, I love the feeling of seeing a dog forgotten and not cared for end up winning the family lottery.

I started out as a foster Mom, and later starting helping with adoption applications. I also help the foster coordinator. My volunteer duties are demanding, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. My family and friends are used to my obsession with rescue now, but at first I think several thought I had lost my mind. They see the joy it brings me. My husband is supportive, but hopes I will stop bringing puppies home. My daughter was 13 when I started fostering. I believe she is compassionate towards animals more so than she would have been, if she had not been exposed to rescue. She loves it and I am sure will make a great foster one day.