Assistance with Medical Care


Good Samaritans who find an injured dog can contact us for help with veterinary expenses. We apply for grants specifically for this purpose. It allows us to increase the number of dogs that we can save through a network of kind souls who cannot turn their backs on an animal who is suffering. The dog must be a bully breed, and if the dog is not altered, spay / neuter surgery must be part of the medical care provided (unless the veterinarian recommends otherwise).  The dollar limit that Bama Bully Rescue can provide for medical care and spay / neuter surgery is $250 per dog. We ask that Good Samaritans who are approved for this money "pay it forward", by volunteering or donating to Bama Bully Rescue as finances permit. 

For surgeries and treatments that involve significant expense, please consider using Waggle, a crowd funding platform to help pet owners provide needed care to their canine family members.