Found a Stray Dog?


Thank you for being a Good Samaritan!

Unfortunately, we're not set up to shelter strays. We are foster-based, and do not have a central facility in which to hold or care for stray dogs. If you are not able to safely keep the dog for a short period of time, you will need to call animal control, and ask them for help. Remember, it's possible this dog belongs to someone and it's just lost.

Step 1 - Have the pup scanned for a microchip. Hopefully this pup has a microchip that can be traced back to a frantic owner. The first priority is to have him or her scanned for a microchip. Local animal control will be able to scan the dog for a chip. If you do not have animal control in your town, contact your police department or try calling 311 for non-emergent situations. If you would rather not call animal control, please take it to a vet to be scanned for a microchip.

Step 2 - Post signs and on social media. If there is no microchip, and you are able to hold onto the dog for a while, please post signs with it's picture in your neighborhood. Also post to the various local lost and found and community Facebook groups for your area. Other lost and found sites are Lost, Missing & Found Pets/Animals Alabama and Animals Lost and Found in Alabama and Bully Breed Crossposts.

Step 3 - If all avenues have been exhausted and no owners have come forward, we recommend a free rehoming service through Adopt a Pet (Rehome). Rehome offers tons of resources to help you create a winning profile for your pet, and lots of information about how to keep your pet at home, if you are still undecided.