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Polly O’Connor, Treasurer

Polly O’Connor - Treasurer
Bama Bully Rescue

I accidentally stumbled into rescue. Our dog, Sally, was an Alabama Brown Dog with some bully or boxer in her and I started looking for information on how to best take care of our dog. At the time, I was a bellydancer and there were a couple of my online dance friends who shared rescue dogs including one in particular who shared bullies and I fell in love. I love bully breed dogs because of their capacity to love and ability to bounce back no matter what they have been handed. I have fostered many dogs, and all of my fosters have been special: Stout (Doc) because he was my first;. Wags because he's Wags; Espe was so pitiful and sad when we got her and she became such a beautiful girl; Tilly is my cat in a pit bull body and watching her learn to dog has been wonderful; Prince, Tabbi, Sunshine, Cora, Sedona, Lola - they've all taught me something different. I started with BBR as a foster in May of 2010, and became the treasurer because of my background in accounting. My family patiently supports my addition to rescue, and I am grateful to them.