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Laura Tidwell, Adoption Coordinator

Laura Tidwell - Adoption Coordinator
Bama Bully Rescue

I have always been an animal lover. My family had a wide variety of pets, and we had most of them because I asked for them. I began volunteering with various animal related charities when I was 15 and continued to volunteer until I went to college, where I focused on other causes. In 2013 after I graduated from college I realized that I missed volunteering. I was already following Bama Bully on Facebook, and when they posted asking for volunteers I immediately signed up. I volunteered for a couple of years before joining the board in 2015. In 2017, I left in order to move across the state and begin a new adventure with my husband, who I married in 2018. In 2019, I rejoined the board and am focusing on handling
foster and adoption applications. I have always been know for my love of animals, but now I am definitely "the crazy animal lady" among friends and acquaintances. My husband is very supportive and often volunteers with me, though unfortunately he draws the line on me bringing a new animal home every time I fall in love.

I had some experience with bully breeds before, but not much. Since joining BBR I have been privileged to meet many of these dogs, and have fallen in love with the breed. Their resilience and love for humans despite coming from terrible circumstances never fails to impress me. I have had many wonderful experiences in rescue, from transporting dogs from the shelter and seeing the smile on their face when they realize that they are leaving to watching a scared, wounded dog become confident and healthy. However, my favorite experience has been meeting and adopting my AmBully Fezzik. I'll be the first to admit that he can be intimidating when you first meet him. He is 85 pounds of muscle and isn't prone to displaying a ton of emotion. However, he loves all people, especially children, and is one of the most trustworthy, loving companions I've ever had.