$3 Thursdays


How can you help us make a positive change for bullies…?

It’s as easy as signing up for Three Dollar Thursdays!

Bama Bully Rescue is immersed in compassion, values, advocacy and a love for bully breed dogs. However, we rely on donations to continue our mission.

This will be the most impactful $3 that you spend all week. If just a fraction of our followers on social media would sign up for Three Dollar Thursdays, we could raise $90,000 each week! Can you imagine the change that could be brought about for bully breeds? Won’t you help us make a difference? Consider it your weekly coffee date with a bully!

We have options for recurring donations of $3 weekly, or $12 monthly. Thank you for believing in us and supporting the mission of Bama Bully Rescue. We are #BBRstrong .

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