Our Stray policy

If you have found a stray dog:

First, make sure to post “Found” flyers to try to find the dog’s owner. You should also take the dog to a nearby vet or shelter to have him/her scanned for a microchip.

Look in the “Lost” ads.

Remember, the dog you have found might have loving owners somewhere. Below are some links to help you locate the missing dog's owners.




Understanding Rescue & Surrender Policies

  • We do not have a shelter, kennel or facility.
  • Our organization consists of several volunteers located throughout the state of Alabama, some are able to foster dogs in their home.
  • All of us volunteer in our spare time without pay. We all have families, personal pets, jobs and children and responsibilities outside of our rescue work. While we try to respond to every email quickly, please keep in mind we all are very busy.
  • We specialize in Pit Bulls, power breeds and other “bully” breeds which are targeted by breed specific legislation and prejudices which limit or eliminate their chances of being adopted through shelters. Most shelters do not allow adoptions of any dog that remotely resembles a Pit Bull so it is our mission to give these wonderful dogs a better chance at a great life.
  • We rescue dogs that really need our help. If you own a dog that has developed behavioral issues and you just don’t want to work on them, we likely cannot assist you in placing your dog. Your dog is your responsibility but we can refer you to trainers in your area if possible. We prefer to assist owners who truly need our help and not just an avenue to “get rid of” their pet. We sometimes receive not-so-nice emails from people who simply want to be rid of the dog that they chose to get in the first place because we are unable to help them. Yes, we are a rescue group but we only exist because of the irresponsibility of owners and breeders not because we enjoy turning people away.
  • Incomplete information will probably not get a response. We cannot spend time trying to get the information that we clearly require. It may take time to re-home your dog so a realistic amount of time should be allotted. Some dogs are in rescue for several months. Do not contact us if you need to find a home for your dog in a few days.
  • Shelter dogs, strays and abuse cases and dogs with no homes are given priority over owner surrenders.


Bama Bully Rescue, Inc focuses on saving shelter and stray dogs and those that have very little chance of finding homes without the help of an active rescue group. While we understand that there are events that force owners to re-home their pets, we strongly urge anyone who has decided to give up their pet to do everything possible to avoid it. Unless we have an immediate foster spot available, it will be necessary for you to foster the dog. We offer two options to owners who need to find a new home for their dog or a found stray.


Option 1

Bama Bully Rescue, Inc will list your dog/stray for adoption and handle all aspects of the adoption process.

What we offer with Option 1

  • Evaluate the dog for adoptability
  • Provide training and behavioral support and medical care recommendations
  • Write a biography for the dog’s listings*List and promote the dog actively on several websites
  • Accept and screen applicants
  • Perform home visits/vet and reference checks
  • Provide contracts and legal documents for adoption
  • Finalize adoption, help with transporting, if possible/necessary
  • Lifetime support to the new owners for the life of the dog
  • Legal contract with requirements of ownership for protection of the dog

Requirements for  Option 1

  • Dog must pass a temperament evaluation performed by one of our qualified volunteers or qualified contacts.
  • Dog must live inside the home, not in a fence, tethered in any fashion or kenneled outdoors.
  • Dog must be in good health and up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative (and on preventative) or being treated for heartworms or you must be willing to meet these requirements before we list.
  • Dog must be spayed or neutered (We have resources to assist with funding).
  • Dog must not have a bite history based on aggression or show human aggression. Severe dog aggression will severely lower a dog’s chances of adoption.
  • You must honestly disclose any and all behavioral issues.
  • Up to date medical records and proof of spay/neuter must be faxed to Bama Bully Rescue, Inc or the veterinarian’s contact information be provided so we can verify vetting.
  • Several clear digital pictures
  • Regular updates and new pictures
  • A minimum $50 donation of the adoption fee will go to Bama Bully rescue, Inc upon adoption.

Option 2

Bama Bully Rescue, Inc will list your dog as a courtesy listing for exposure only and will not be involved in the screening or adoption of said dog. All inquiries will be directed to you and it will be your responsibility to respond to potential adopters and find a suitable new home for the dog.

What we offer with Option 2

  • We will list the dog on several websites for exposure
  • We will forward all inquiries directly to you
  • We will update the listing whenever we receive new information and pictures

Requirements for Option 2

  • Dog must be up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered and have a recent negative fecal.
  • Vet records must be faxed to Bama Bully Rescue, Inc or the veterinarian’s contact information be provided so we can verify the dog’s vetting.
  • Dog must not have a bite record or be aggressive towards humans.
  • A typed biography fully describing the dog including age, weight, sex and disclose any and all behavioral issues.

Adoptability Factors:

  • Older, senior and solid or mostly black dogs are harder to place
  • Most people are not looking for dogs with behavioral issues
  • Dogs which are crate and housetrained are easier to place
  • Dogs with health issues, especially those that require regular medication are not as adoptable
  • Dogs that have had some obedience training are easier to adopt out
  • Dogs that are proven to be good with children and/or cats are a plus
  • Dogs with a physical disfigurement are often overlooked

How to (And how Not to) Find a Great Home on Your Own:

  • Have your dog spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. A dog that does not require immediate vetting care is more appealing to a potential home.
  • Train and socialize your dog. A dog that has few or minor behavioral issues is easier re-home than a dog riddled with behavioral problems.
  • Disclose all information about your dog to a potential adopter. You want to find the right forever home for your dog.
  • If you place an ad in the newspaper, screen the potential adopters. Ask them questions, ask about current and past pets and visit them at their home to make sure they are a good home for your dog.
  • Ask for an adoption fee. Responsible dog owners will not have a problem paying a reasonable amount to adopt a great dog. It also shows financial responsibility.
  • Never offer a dog, especially a bully breed, for free in the paper! Dog fighters and unsavory owners frequently check these ads as a source for acquiring dogs for horrible reasons.
  • Place posters at local pet stores with a good picture and description of your dog.
  • Contact local rescue groups or shelters and ask if you can bring your dog to their regular pet adoption days (usually held at local pet stores) for exposure. We do not recommend on-site adoptions, you should first screen potential owners.
  • Do not take your bully breed to a shelter. The chances that he/she will be euthanized is tremendous. Some shelters are so under funded that disease is rampant and dogs commonly become severely depressed and often develop severe behavioral issues.
  • Hire a trainer or enroll in a positive training class to make your dog more adoptable or even better, allow you to keep your bully.