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Pit Bull Rescue Alliance Team Members


The Pit Bull Rescue Alliance (PBRA) is comprised of individual, independent organizations that are dedicated to Pit Bull rescue, education, and advocacy. These organizations have come together in order to further shared causes through collaboration, networking, and united efforts. 

Working for the American Pit Bull Terrier (“Pit Bull”), PBRA’s mission is to collectively promote ethical rescue practices and responsible ownership, create and implement educational campaigns and programs, act as an intermediary to individuals or groups looking for support and help with Pit Bull issues, seek fight bust case procedural reform, and be a breed resource.

A goal of PBRA is to create and implement widespread Policies, Guidelines and Codes of Ethics that may be independently and electively adopted by other organizations & groups.

Additionally, each organization within PBRA is guided by its own policies and guidelines, unique to its individual makeup, programs and services.

Each organization:

  1. Has 501c3 status or at minimum is incorporated as a nonprofit in its home state.
  2. Has joined and participates on the Pit Bull Roundtable board on The Real Pit Bull Forum, which acts as a meeting grounds for Team Members.

Please see the following brief summary of ethical rescue practices that PBRA team members follow.

  • Adopts out only sound Pit Bulls of correct temperament
  • Selectively places dogs into homes that are properly educated
  • Allows adjustment time within a foster home in order to learn each dog’s temperament, modify undesirable behaviors and get to know the dog in order to make a suitable match with an adoptive home.
  • Prepares rescued dog for life within a family via training, socialization, behavior modification, etc
  • Makes sure dogs are sufficiently worked with, exercised, and handled while in the care of the rescue (not simply warehoused in a kennel while awaiting a home, etc)
  • Only adopts out altered dogs
  • Provides required and preventative medical care prior to placement
  • Discloses any on-going health issues which require regular medications and/or further care (i.e.: allergies, joint issues, etc)
  • Conducts thorough and proper screening prior to placement (ie: vet checks, home visits)
  • Adopts out dogs on legally binding contracts that stipulate specific care and other obligations of adoptive homes.
  • Offers support and training after adoption
  • Mandates via contract that if at any time and for any reason adopter is unable to keep the dog, the adopter must first contact the rescue group for assistance. Adopted dog may not be sold, euthanized, traded, given away, relinquished to a shelter or rehomed in any other manner without prior consent of rescue group

Bama Bully Rescue (Birmingham, AL)

Our Pack (San Jose, CA)

A Rotta Love Plus (Minneapolis, MN)

New Hope Pit Bull Rescue (Charleston, South Carolina)

The Real Pit Bull (Garwood, NJ)

Mutts N Stuff (St Louis, MO)