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Tarrie love - secretary
Bama Bully Rescue

Nearly 13 years ago, I was standing on my front steps, when I looked up and saw 70 pounds of fur and muscle barreling toward me at about 100 mph. I vaguely remember thinking to myself, “I wonder if I should be worried.” At that very moment, this furry steamroller slammed into my knees, and promptly rolled over on his back for a belly rub. And I did what any normal dog lover would do. I gave him a belly rub, and then I walked into the house and told my husband, “Your dog is on the front porch.” We named him Donk, and he lived with us for about seven years. When Donk died of prostate cancer in 2013, we decided to ease into adoption through fostering. We picked Bama Bully Rescue (BBR), because Donk was absolutely the most unique dog we had every owned, and we wanted another pit bull.  

And that’s when our rescue journey began. Donk taught us to love the breed, but BBR taught us (and continues to teach us) to be responsible pit bull owners. We have fostered ten so far, and adopted two of the ten. We never tire of coaxing the loving companion out of a “wild child” shelter dog. It’s hard work, and we wouldn’t trade anything for it. Our favorite part of rescue, though, is the constant learning process that goes with it. Each dog has his or her own challenges, and with each foster, we learn more about how to keep them healthy, how to keep them safe, and how to keep them out of trouble. We could probably find an easier breed to foster, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

 Pit bull rescue has also taught us the tremendous bias that even the most devoted dog lover has against bully breeds. So many people have asked me, “Aren’t you scared?” And I can honestly say that I am not. Because I understand that even with horrible owners, pit bulls can and will give unconditional love until their dying day.

 My role on the board is the secretary. I keep up with our records, contracts, and agreements, and write grants as time permits. I also continue to help with short-term fosters. My husband is my partner in rescue. He is as devoted to BBR as I am, and can often give an objective opinion when I am in way too deep to think clearly.