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Melissa thomas,
foster coordinator

melissa thomas - foster coordinator
Bama Bully Rescue

I've always had a big heart for animals of any kind, but after getting my dog, Kayne, I started to understand the bias towards the bully breeds. It drove me to want to make a difference in as many of their lives as possible. They always get the "short end of the stick". The first time I ever took Kayne out in public I was astonished at the reaction I received. I knew that the media made bully breeds seem like the villain, but I never fully understood until I witnessed people walking across the park to take a different way around us, just to avoid being near him. That broke my heart into a million pieces that people who knew nothing of my baby were already judging him so harshly, and it’s really what drove me to start advocating for his breed in any way I could.

My absolute BEST highlight ever is adopting Jax! He is the best little no-tailed pup I could ask for. Of course, I am biased. Jax aside, seeing a dog change in a good way after being pulled from a shelter is incredible. Most dogs do a complete 180 from shelter life to living it up in their new foster home when their personalities really start to show. Seeing the dogs becoming so happy and finally knowing what love is is an incredible thing to witness. I have been involved in Bama Bully Rescue for about seven years. My family and friends know that rescue is something I want to do, so they really haven't ever questioned it. My husband has always been very supportive of my involvement in the rescue, and of course he loves the breed just as much as I do.