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joanna Garcia, Foster Coordinator

Joanna Garcia - Foster Coordinator
Bama Bully Rescue

Truthfully, my interest in Pit bull rescue started from watching Pit bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet. I have since learned it’s nothing like what you see on TV. However, my passion for caring for animals started at a very young age, and I took in any creature in need. I’ve spent my career working with dogs as a groomer, and as a veterinary technician, and most recently as the general manager of The Dog Stop in Trussville.

We had the most amazing Bully mix name Katie that we adopted from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS), back when I was a kid, and GBHS was on Lomb Ave. I fell in love with the breed because of Katie. Since getting involved with BBR five years ago, I have fostered about ten dogs. My favorite part of being on the Board of Bama Bully is watching the process: Deciding on a dog to pull from the shelter; doing the evaluation; watching the dog start to become a part of family - maybe one that’s never had a toy or a bed before, but learns learn how to make good use of these things in a hurry; watching a dog get a new family and see them sign adoption papers; and the best part is seeing it laying on the couch cuddled with family children (what Pit bulls do best). I love watching these dogs learn what it is to be a beloved family member and spoiled the way they deserve to be.

My family and friends are all very supportive. My daughter has fostered and is also is a volunteer for BBR and my husband is always willing to help out especially with moving event gear. He has learned that I believe tend to ask for forgiveness (or act like you do) than permission before bringing home a new foster.