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Jennifer Mitchell,

Jennifer Mitchell - member-at-large
Bama Bully Rescue

I’ve always loved dogs. Rescuing them from the shelter and watching them become happy when they’re safe and loved is an amazing feeling. My last dog, Jojo, was a bully breed mix and he was such a good dog. When we lost him, it was like losing a child. I have fostered one time for Bama Bully Rescue, and seeing our foster, Paddington, so happy in his adoptive family is a great feeling.

Most of all, I love going to the shelters and evaluating dogs to be in our program. Like a lot of dog people, I’m most comfortable in the company of dogs, and learning to understand them comes so easily to me. I wanted to take the next step in rescue, and I found an amazing mentor that has started teaching me how to train dogs. Learning to “speak dog” is fundamental to training a dog (and their humans). A dog’s first language is body language and energy. They use every part of their body to talk to us, from their nose to their tails. All those body movements happens so fast, if you don’t know how to read them, you may miss them. That’s what makes training a dog so rewarding and so challenging!

One of the best things about being involved in Bama Bully Rescue is that I’ve made some awesome friends. I’ve been in rescue for about 5 year now. My family and friends are behind me 100%. My husband and my children are as much a part of the rescue as I am. They all help out in any way they can.