BBR Adoption/Foster Application

Adoption Fees:         

  • Puppies - $250

  • Adult Dogs - $200

  • ElderBulls - $150

Please take your time when filling out the application. Answer questions fully and to the best of your knowledge. 

  • Completely answered forms allow us to accurately process applications. 

  • Please note that the application process can take weeks to complete. 

  • Please give us time to properly consider and screen your application so that we can match the right dog to your family!

Thank you!


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Personal Information
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Have you ever adopted/applied to adopt a dog from BBR, another rescue, or any shelter or humane society?
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Would you agree to having a volunteer come to your house to complete a home check prior to adoption? *
Your living situation: *
Is everyone in the household on board: with getting a new pet? *
By checking yes, you agree to absolve: Bama Bully Rescue and its representatives from any liability in reference to a dog from our program. *
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The Dogs
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Your Lifestyle
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If you rent, are you aware of a pet deposit and willing to pay one?
Do you have permission to own a bully breed from your landlord or homeowner's association/ insurance company? *
If I ever have to move, I will: *
Does the area in which you live have Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)? *
Have you thought about and are you prepared to deal with the discrimination that may come with owning a bully breed? (ie: neighbors/relatives, community bias) *
Dog Living Situation
Dog's Living Situation: *
When home alone, the dog will be: *
How will the dog be exercised? *
My yard size is: *
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Other Pets/Past Experience
Do you have other pets? *
If you have other dogs or have had in the past, please let us know their current situation:
Have you fostered for a rescue group or shelter in the past, or are currently fostering?
Do you agree to provide, at your expense, toys and food for a foster dog? Medical expenses are covered by BBR as funds are available.
If you do not have a veterinary reference, please explain why:

Bama Bully Rescue respects the privacy of our applicants, and will not disclose personal contact information. However, please understand that we reserve the right to share the
impression or outcome of your application with interested parties.